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For 35 years Engine Control Electronics has been developing hardware and software of electronic control units for the management of diesel and gas engines.
For the particular engine and propulsion configuration an experienced developer team creates functionally tailored solutions.
These solutions are characterized by a high degree of robustness, reliability, availability and safety.

Engine Management

  • Engine control, engine governing
  • Engine monitoring, engine safety
  • Connection to superior alarm system
  • Interface to the propulsion control system
  • Service interface for adjustment and diagnosis
  • Datalogger, remote access, human machine interface
  • Redundant system design for safety-critical applications

Common Rail

  • Map based high-pressure control
  • Map based injection begin control & quantity control
  • Pre, main and post injection, multiple injections
  • Driver stage for up to 20 cylinders
  • Pilot injection for gas engines
  • Predictive suction throttle control
  • Suction throttle control and/or pressure shutoff
  • Cylinder-selective correction maps


  • Injector- and gas valve driver stages (Magnet, Piezo)
  • Integrated high-voltage generation
  • Ignition driver stages, glow plug driver stages
  • Sensor-signal conditioning, digital-I/O
  • Measurement of revolutions, angle, frequency
  • Serial interfaces and bus systems
  • 16 and 32 Bit-processor systems
  • Line filter, power supply technology
  • Earth fault measurement
  • Case construction


  • Embedded software in ā€žCā€œ and Assembler
  • Floating point arithmetic
  • Real time operating system, for example OSEK
  • Graphic programming surface according to IEC 61131, for example CoDeSys
  • TPU-programming
  • CAN-protocols: CCP/XCP, ISO1939, CAN-open, ...
  • PC-user interfaces in C++, C# or Visual Basic
  • Freescale microcontroller S12X- and 555X-family